About Us

Hi, I’m KaydenC on the bitcointalk forum. I run a GPU farm and also buy mining accessories in bulk for re-sale. All products sold in this shop are of the highest quality sourced directly from factories in China and distributors in Hong Kong. Rest assure they are reliable and will be a great investment for your rigs.

Some pictures of my farm

6x Rx 580 Rig

Bios settings and equipment

This rig uses the Biostar TB250 BTC motherboard, power switch, Ethernet cable, Risers and 60GB Kingston SSD from this shop.

Custom bios

  • 1100Mhz Core
  • 2000 Mhz Memory
  • 1625 Memory Straps
  • 300mv undervolt (1150mv > 850mv)
  • 950W at the wall dual mining Eth + Sia (With Evga 1200W platinum PSU)

It originally mines Eth at 28.3Mh/s, but it has dropped a little with the latest Epoch (26 June)

5 x 1080Ti Rig

In addition to Polaris, I have some 5x 1080ti rigs on wire racks. Hanging them this way allows better airflow management, as the hot air exits from the top.

My 1080ti rigs uses the 8pin to Dual 6+2 pin PCI-E adapter I’m selling in this shop. They run nice and cool and it beats using 2 PSU in both price and reliability if you are short on cables.

Setup and MSI Afterburner settings

Rigs running at 80% power limit with custom fan curve. 1125W at the wall with my 5x 1080ti rig.